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Chameleon Christians

Some Christians today have become Chameleon Christians. By saying this, I mean that they are afraid of what people will think of them when they take a stand of Jesus. We will then hide or disguise ourselves as the world. Since we do that, the world will not see Jesus in us. Lets not keep Jesus in a bottle and bring him out only when we need him. Let him loose.

Christians, do not be afraid, for we have a greater power inside us than the world has in it. We have to be bold enough to let the world know that we will not follow them. Instead, we should be like Paul and Silas and let the world see Jesus in us. I challenge you to break the chains that Satan is using to hold you back. When you go out into the world, make sure that they know that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior and resides in your heart.

wrote by Mark F. Workman